Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Child And Pet Safe Pest Control Options For Residential Living

A concern for many homeowners with pets and children is keeping both safe from chemicals. This becomes an increasing concern when dealing with termite and other pest control. For that reason, many residential homeowners seek out pest control options that are environmentally safe as well as safe for their family and pets. Here are a few of those options to consider when you are looking at removing termites.

Termite Bait

An innovative way for many pest control companies to remove termites from residential homes is the use of termite bait. This bait is placed into the ground at specific spots along the perimeter of the yard and near the home. This bait attracts the termites into an underground compartment. Once the termites are inside the bait the chemical within the baits reduces the growth of the termites and helps stunt the reproduction of termites. Since this option is underground, it is safe for the environment as well as for your pets and children.

Termite Foam

An issue that concerns many residential homeowners is when termites are inside of the foundation or the walls of the home. In previous cases, this may have required the use of liquid termite pesticides. Animals and children would have to have been kept away from this pesticide until it had completely dried, which could take several hours. With the use of termite foam, the foam is placed into the cracks of the foundation, around the foundation, and against the walls. The foam dries fairly quickly and is safe for children and pets to be near after it has dried. The foam also seeps into areas where termites may be breeding unseen by the homeowner. This eradicates the termites at the source.

Environmentally Safe Liquid Treatments

There are many residential termite service companies that have developed environmentally friendly liquid treatment. These treatments do not harm the soil, pets, or children. However, they do eradicate the termite issue. They can be sprayed by a professional in areas that are not usually used by family members or pets. The liquid treatments also dry quickly and can create a safe environment within an hour to two hours.

These are just a few of the options you have for child and pet safe termite treatment options. If you are still concerned about the type of treatments that your pest control company uses, discuss the options available to you with a representative. They will be able to tell you the safe options that they have and explain those options to you. They can also give you pricing for those options and how quickly the options can be placed on your residential property.

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