Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Having The Interior Of Your Sewer Line Inspected

One of the more difficult parts of repairing a compromised sewer line will be actually finding the damage that needs to be repaired. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to more easily identify the problems that are causing issues for your sewer line.

What Type Of Issues Can Be Diagnosed Using Camera Sewer Line Inspection Services?

A sewer line inspection will be able to provide you with a detailed view of the interior of the sewer line pipes. As a result, it will allow for you to identify a range of issues that could impact the interior of the sewer line. For example, tree roots intruding into the pipes is one issue that can be devastating for the sewer line as it can completely block it. In order to repair this problem, it will be necessary to identify where the intrusion is occurring. In addition to this type of large problem, these inspections can also provide enough detail to assess more subtle issues, such as microfractures.

Will A Camera Sewer Line Inspection Service Cause Damage To The System?

In order for the sewer line camera system to be used, it will have to be inserted into the plumbing of the home. Luckily, this can be done without causing permanent damage to the sewer line or the plumbing system. In fact, most home plumbing systems will have a sewer line access hatch that can be used to easily insert this camera. While this work will not cause permanent damage to the sewer line, it will cause temporary disruptions as the plumbing system will need to be turned off for the duration of this work. Otherwise, wastewater could enter the sewer line can and interfere with the work or even spill out of the opened access hatch.  

Can You Keep A Copy Of The Video From The Inspection?

At the end of the sewer line inspection, the technician is likely to give you the option of keeping a copy of the video that they record as the camera was working its way through the sewer line. Keeping a copy of this footage can be useful for when you hire a professional to actually repair the damage to the sewer line as they will be able to review this footage to determine the cause of the problem, its severity while also giving them a fairly precise idea as to the location of where the issue is occurring.

To learn more about video sewer inspections, reach out to a local contractor.

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