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Six Things To Look Out For That Indicate A Developing Washing Machine Malfunction

Having a properly functioning washing machine makes life so much easier. It's best to avoid washer malfunctions and repair issues as much as possible so that you can continue to conveniently wash clothing in your home.

You can often avoid a complete washer breakdown that requires repairs by knowing the signs of a developing malfunction. Then you can have your washer repair technician come and address the issue before your unit stops working altogether.

The following are six things to look out for that indicate a developing washing machine malfunction. 

Unusual or excessive noises during operation

You should have your washing machine looked at if it has started to make more noise than usual. This could mean that there is a loose mechanical component or a similar issue that is likely to get worse over time. 

Water leftover after the washer cycle is complete

A properly functioning washing machine should completely drain out all water in the drum before the cycle is complete. If there is leftover water, the drum needs to be looked at.

This problem could get progressively worse until all your clothing is soaking wet when it comes out of the washer. This makes drying your clothing far more difficult than it should be. A malfunctioning pump could also eventually completely stop your washing machine from functioning.  

Low water level while the washer is running

The faucet that hooks your washer up to your home's water supply could malfunction and prevent your washer drum from filling up properly. Without water, your washing machine of course won't be able to wash your clothing.

Low water level issues will most likely get worse over time. The sooner you have your repair technician look into the issue, the better able you'll be to prevent a complete washer breakdown. 

Failure of the washer drum to turn normally

A washing machine is designed to clean clothing through agitation of the washer drum. If the washer drum doesn't turn, clothing in your washer won't get nearly as clean as it should. That's why it's important to have your washer drum restored to proper operating condition as quickly as possible. 

Water leaking from the washing machine

Sometimes, washing machines develop small leaks. You might at first procrastinate about getting this repaired if the leak is small and you can soak it up with a towel.

However, it's important to realize that leaking behind or under your unit might be worse than you realize. This could lead to water damage. Also, a leak could indicate severe issues that will eventually cause your washer to break down completely. That's why it's important to get leaks fixed quickly. 

Strange odors

One particularly unpleasant washer problem is mold growth within your washer. This could cause your clothing to come out smelling musty or unusual. 

If your clothing smells unpleasant after you wash it, you could have a mold issue in your washer. It's important to have this issue looked into right away. 

For more information, contact a local washer and dryer repair service today.

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