Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

4 Tips To Help You With The Design Of Your New Roof For Slate And Other Heavy Roof Materials

If you are building a new home and thinking about asphalt shingle alternatives for the roof, good planning is important. The design of roof structures to support heavier materials like slate needs to be different to support the extra weight. The following guide will help you with the design and details of installing slate and other heavy asphalt shingle alternatives for new roofs:

1. Talk With a Roofing Contractor About Different Options for Roofing Materials and Wood Structures

Before you start with your project, you are going to want to meet with the building and roofing contractors. You need to discuss options like slate, tile, and synthetic alternatives to asphalt shingles. Some of these materials weigh more than others, but most of them need stronger roof structure designs to support the extra weight.

2. Making Sure That Load-Bearing Points of the Roof Go From Roof Bracing Down to Foundation Beams

The load-bearing points of your roof are areas where roof bracing and support are located, and they need to be supported all the way to the foundation. With heavier roofing materials, it is important to pay attention to this to prevent damage that can be caused by poor structural support. At the foundation, footing beams have to be installed and designed to provide extra support for heavier materials.

3. The Lumber Sizes May Need to Be Heftier to Support the Extra Weight of Heavier Materials

When you are planning on using heavier roofing materials, the lumber that is used to build the roof structure will also need to be heavier. Usually, this means that the dimensions of the lumber are larger, but structural design specifications may require that you use different species of lumber, such as yellow pine instead of spruce. The yellow pine materials used in lightweight residential construction are often the stronger choice for structural framing.

4. Heftier Roof Bracing, Beams, and Other Structural Elements to Support the Extra Weight of Roofing Materials

Another improvement to consider for your roof is heftier roof bracing. This can be larger posts and beams that are stronger than the typical roof bracing that is used with asphalt shingles. In addition, it is important to make sure that these bracing and support features sit correctly on the load-bearing points that carry the weight down to foundation footing beams.

5. The Roof Decking Materials, Moisture Barriers, and Slats That Are Often Needed With Heavier Roofing Materials

Decking materials are also an important aspect to consider when using heavier roofing materials. These can be plywood decking that is thicker and solid, rather than the thin particleboard used in lightweight construction. In addition, you will want to consider features like moisture barriers and slats that can add to the weight of your new roof.

These are some of the things that you need to consider for your new roof if you are planning on using slate or other heavy roofing materials. If you are ready to give your home a new roof with some of these features, contact a new construction roofing service and talk to them about weight requirements for the new materials you will be using. 

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