Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Breaking Ground On A New Home? Why You Should Go With Spray Foam Insulation

Building a new home is all about choosing the right products and materials. It's a privileged position because you're able to select each and every fixture in the house and customize it just the way you may have always wanted to. Perhaps you dream of a huge brick home complete with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for each family member to lavish in both privacy and togetherness. However, as important as those main features are, there are other factors to think about as well. Choosing the right insulation is essential, and if you want to go for the best, spray foam insulation should be your top pick.

Enjoy A Peaceful Sanctuary With Spray Foam Insulation

Good insulation minimizes the amount of outside noise you're able to hear while inside of the house. You might find it difficult to concentrate on a work or school assignment when you are constantly being bombarded by the sounds of cars whizzing down the street, children playing a game of tag, distant trains rambling through the city, and planes flying overhead. The key to making sure that these noises don't disrupt your peace is to select insulation that offers as much coverage as possible. Spray foam insulation fits the bill in more ways than you can imagine.

Fiberglass insulation was once considered the standard. The problem is that the square-shaped sheets of fiberglass insulation typically don't provide enough coverage to soundproof a house. 

Spray foam insulation goes on thick and seeps down into those hidden nooks and crannies that other types of insulation miss. Your house then has an invisible barrier that allows you to dwell in a blissfully peaceful interior environment that makes relaxation a breeze.

Build With An Eye Toward Energy Efficiency

Keeping your utility expenses at an affordable level is also an important factor to keep in mind. Insulation plays a huge role in determining whether your energy bills will be manageable or if the monthly statement is going to be so high that you almost pass out each time you open the letter!

Spray foam insulation pockets your house in an energy envelope that protects against seepage. You can then turn on your heating or air conditioning unit with confidence because you know less air will leak out and cause your system to consume much more power than you want it to.

Make spray foam insulation a staple during the building process. It's the ultimate way to create an oasis that you absolutely adore. To learn more, contact your local insulation contractors

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

My wife and I recently had a new home built, and while we had few stressful decisions to make, we greatly enjoyed the process and love our new home. Due to budget concerns, we decided to leave our basement unfinished at first. We figured that since we have so much "stuff" that we need to store, like off-season clothing and seasonal decorations, we would just use it for storage. However, we soon regretted not having it finished and felt like we had "wasted space" in our new house that wasn't being put to good use. We turned it into a "mini apartment" with its own entrance that we now rent out to a friend for a little extra income. I love sharing what we learned during the home building process, so I am excited to share our experiences and tips on our new blog! Come back for more construction tips!

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