Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Choices To Consider When Buying Industrial Workbenches For Your Shop

There are several types of industrial workbenches, so choosing the right style for your operations is a matter of understanding how the workbench will be used. You want a system that enhances productivity and makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. Here are some types of workbenches to think about when you're choosing the right one for your shop.

Workbenches With Wheels Or Folding Legs

You can buy workbenches on wheels if it's more convenient to move it around the work area. This could be a good choice if the workbench will be used by different people for different purposes and taken to different job sites. You can also buy workbenches that fold flat so you can store them when not in use. These are handy for times when your workflow increases temporarily and you need extra space for assembly or other work. Once the workflow falls back to a normal level, you can fold the legs flat and store the workbenches out of the way until they're needed again.

A common choice for workbenches is to install them permanently instead. This is a good option if the benches will be used for a single purpose so they can be stocked with the tools needed to do one particular job.

Workbenches With Adjustable Sizes

If you'll use the workbench for assembly or for working with long pieces, then an extra long workbench is a good option so your crew has a longer work surface. For more technical work, you may want a workbench that is elevated higher than usual so your employees can see well enough to do close work. You can order workbenches in different heights and lengths, but you can also buy workbenches that are adjustable. That allows them to be used for different types of work and to be ergonomic for different employees.

Workbenches That Have Storage Space

You may only need a workbench that provides an unobstructed working surface, but you may want to consider buying workbenches that have storage built into them. Some have risers on the back where you can hang tools or install a peg board or shelves that hold supplies. Some workbenches have drawers under the bench that are handy for storing a variety of tools and supplies so your employees have everything they need without having to leave their stations.

Workbenches With Lights Or Outlets

Some workbenches have lighting that is useful for doing close and meticulous work. They can also have outlets built into the workbench so your employees can plug in tools and test equipment without having to use extension cords. If your crew needs electricity in the work area, then buying workbenches with outlets make it safer for everyone, since having close outlets eliminates the need to stretch cords that could become a tripping hazard.

When you're ready to buy your workbenches, think about how they can be used in your daily work routine so you buy ones that can handle all the job tasks needed and you don't waste money on workbenches that have advanced features you don't need. Reach out to companies like Shelving Rack & Lockers Inc for more assistance.

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