Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

3 Services You Can Offer To Attract More Customers To Your Construction Business

Wondering how you can expand your service offerings to attract new customers to your construction business? Following are three services that you can introduce that should help get you the results you want:

Architectural Planning

While the majority of your prospective customers will already be working with an architect by the time they hire you, some likely won't have made any specific building plans yet. You can make the planning process less stressful and more convenient for these customers by offering architectural services to them. If you aren't able or willing to hire an architect on full time, you can contract with a service provider who can service your customers when necessary.

If a customer hires you to build a guest house and they need plans drawn up, simply schedule a meeting with the customer and your contracted architect to the get ball rolling. Your customer won't have to worry about finding a third-party service provider themselves and they'll have confidence in knowing that you already have a working relationship with their architect.

Material and Tool Storage

Your customers will have to figure out how to keep their building materials secure while being stored onsite throughout the construction process, and no matter how big or small the project is, those materials are bound to be valuable. Impress your customers and give them some extra peace of mind by delivering a lockable storage container to the construction site and storing all of the materials and tools that will be used throughout the project. Your customers won't have to worry about what to do with all the lumber you order for them to complete their project, and you won't have to worry about taking your tools with you every time you leave the job site to keep them safe.

Post Tension Reinforcement

If you aren't already offering post-tensioning techniques to reinforce concrete as it's poured, it's time to consider investing in the tools and materials needed to do so. Post-tensioning will optimize durability of the concrete, keep cracks from developing, and help minimize the further development of damage if a chip or crack does appear.

Your customers will get more bang for their buck by extending the lifespan of their concrete, and they'll enjoy saved time and money on their project because post-tensioning typically requires less materials and takes less time to install than other options like rebar. And buying your post-tensioning materials in bulk directly from a supplier, like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC, should keep your operating costs low as you expand your services.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

My wife and I recently had a new home built, and while we had few stressful decisions to make, we greatly enjoyed the process and love our new home. Due to budget concerns, we decided to leave our basement unfinished at first. We figured that since we have so much "stuff" that we need to store, like off-season clothing and seasonal decorations, we would just use it for storage. However, we soon regretted not having it finished and felt like we had "wasted space" in our new house that wasn't being put to good use. We turned it into a "mini apartment" with its own entrance that we now rent out to a friend for a little extra income. I love sharing what we learned during the home building process, so I am excited to share our experiences and tips on our new blog! Come back for more construction tips!

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