Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Three Potential Issues That Can Arise From Improper Septic Tank Maintenance

Failing to adequately care for your septic system can put you at a risk of encountering a range of problems with your plumbing system. Yet, it can be easy for individuals to greatly underestimate the importance of this type of care due to the fact that much of these systems will be out of sight. In order to help you with being more responsible with your home's septic system, it can be worthwhile to review some of the issues that can arise from improperly caring for a septic tank.


Clogs are among the more common issues that improper maintenance can cause. While a clog may not seem like they will be particularly serious, they can pose a major issue for a septic system. Depending on where the clog develops, it may be necessary to excavate a portion of the property to identify and repair the clog. These clogs can become more likely to form in a septic tank that has not been pumped on a regular schedule as this could allow potentially large amounts of organic debris to accumulate.

Slow Drains

Failing to monitor the condition of the septic system can also lead to a situation where the drains in your home function much more slowly than normal. There may be numerous causes of this particular problem, but accumulations in the pipes can greatly restrict the ability of water to flow through the septic system. A common source of these accumulations may be grease that has been poured down the drains. Eventually, these accumulations may completely slow the flow of water, but you will likely be able to avoid this problem by minimizing the amount of grease that enters your drains. Furthermore, you may also want to thoroughly flush the septic system as this will help to break up these clogs. While you may be tempted to use a degreasing product to remove these accumulations, this can be hazardous for the bacteria that live in the septic tank.

A Contaminated Yard

When a septic system experiences problems, it can lead to major plumbing disruptions inside the home. However, it can also lead to major problems for your yard. Depending on the particular type of damage and problem that your system is suffering, there is a risk that your yard may become extremely contaminated. If this occurs, you may find that your property develops a foul stench, plants start developing health problems and a standing puddle of water may form in the yard.

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