Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Unsure Whether Your Home Needs Gutters? What To Know Before Deciding

A surprising number of existing homes today do not have rain guttering installed. In some cases, this has occurred deliberately as a cost- or time-saving decision on the part of either the builder or the owner. In other cases, it may simply be an oversight or a lack of understanding as to why guttering is necessary on most homes and the actual benefits it can provide. If your home does not currently have guttering and you are unsure about whether or not you should have it installed, the following information can help convince you of its importance. 

Guttering helps to alleviate some types of roof damage

Accumulations of ice and snow build up more easily on roofs that are not outfitted with gutters because icicles are allowed to form more easily. During the day, accumulations of ice and snow will thaw a bit underneath and then freeze again overnight. After several days of this process, the icy dam can become quite large and very heavy, creating the potential for damage to the roof's materials and the siding below. When guttering is installed, precipitation is quickly and safely directed away from the home with less risk of forming a dangerous ice dam.

Guttering protects the home's foundation 

One of the leading causes of home foundation failures is related to moisture from rain or melting snow. When a home is not equipped with a proper gutter system, rain and melting snow run down the side of the home and seep into the ground near the foundation wall. During freezing weather, this moisture will contract and expand as it freezes and thaws, applying pressure to the foundation. Over time, cracks form, moisture is allowed to make its way into the basement or crawlspace, and the foundation is weakened. When guttering is properly designed and installed, however, moisture from rain and melting snow is carefully directed away from the foundation through a system of downspouts, gutter extensions, and drains. 

In addition to protecting your roofing, siding, and foundation, guttering is also capable of helping to protect tender landscaping plants around the perimeter of your home from the force of rain or melting snow as it runs off the roof. 

To learn even more reasons to consider installing an attractive, well-designed guttering system on your home, contact a reputable guttering contractor in your area. They will be able to custom design a system that will protect your home while also enhancing its curb appeal and adding real value. Today's modern guttering designs can even be installed with a protective screen to eliminate annual cleaning chores. Not ready to call just yet? For more information, visit a site such as

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