Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Preparing a Diesel Tractor for Storage

If you just purchased a diesel tractor to use for farming purposes, you will most likely enjoy the ease in doing tasks that took you longer without this useful piece of equipment. To ensure your tractor stays in the best of condition, it is important to take some steps in its maintenance. If you are not intending on utilizing your tractor during times you have no crops to tend to, it will be important to store it for the off-season properly. Here are some tips you can use to get your tractor ready for a hiatus so that it works properly when it is time to start it back up during the next planting season.

Keep the Diesel Tank from Accumulating Moisture

It is important to care for the diesel tank before you stop running your tractor for the season. If your diesel fuel tank is not treated with an additive to help with moisture retention, droplets of water from inclement weather or condensation will accumulate within the tank. This can cause your tractor to not start-up or run properly in the springtime. Place the additive in the tank and run the tractor for several minutes. This will distribute the additive throughout the diesel in the tank to help in keeping moisture accumulation at a minimum during the storage duration time.

Tend to the Clutch to Avoid Seizing Activity

Your tractor's clutch should be engaged when placed in storage. Failing to take this step can lead to the seizure of the clutch when you go to run the tractor after it sits for an extended time. Check your tractor's manual to see if there is a lever that pushes the clutch into a permanent engaged position for the wintertime. If your tractor does not have this feature, use a block of wood to insert above the pedal so it remains in a downward position. Do this after you position your tractor in its temporary storage spot for the winter.

Cover Your Tractor to Reduce Debris Accumulation

Most people will place their tractor in a shed, garage, or storage unit facility. While this enclosure will be beneficial in keeping the equipment away from inclement weather, it will still not provide enough protection against the accumulation of dust. Dirt can get into the mechanisms needed to run your vehicle effectively. Purchasing a cover to fit over your tractor ensures pests are unable to harbor in the equipment as well. If you cannot find a cover made for your specific model, a canvas tarp can be tied around the equipment to effectively battle dirt buildup.

For more tips on how to store your diesel tractor, talk to a company like Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc.

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