Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Have An Old Bathtub? Two Reasons Why You Should Have It Refinished

If you have an older bathtub in your home, you may have been thinking about replacing it.  The tub may be discolored, or it may even have patches where the porcelain is missing, which can cause it to look quite unsightly.  However, refinishing your bathtub as opposed to replacing it may be an even better option.  Use this information to learn more about why refinishing your bathtub is the way to go.

Refinishing Is a Quicker Process

One of the main reasons why you should opt for refinishing your tub is because it's a quicker process.  Instead of having workers come in and out of your home for days on end, you can have your bathtub refinished in a much shorter time frame.

When you have your tub replaced, there are a number of steps involved.  The old tub will need to be uprooted from its spot and hauled away, and the new tub will need to be brought in and sealed into place.  If the tub has to be ripped out of the wall, the area where it once stood will need to be repainted.  In addition, the plumbing will need to be connected to the new tub.  This can be a time consuming process.

The beauty of refinishing is that the tub stays in place.  The uppermost layers of the tub are re-glazed and sealed.  This can be the key to helping you avoid having an inoperable bathroom for an extended period of time.

Refinishing Makes Your Tub Safer

A common problem that occurs when your tub needs to be refinished is that it becomes unsafe for use.  Patches in the tub where porcelain has worn away can feel quite abrasive against the skin, and you may find yourself with sores after a bath because your body has rubbed against these spots and the skin has been ripped away.

Not only will your bathtub look much better after it's been refinished, it'll also be safer for you.  A good seal can help you have a more firm grip when walking in and out of the tub, and replacing the missing porcelain smooths out the surface so that it won't hurt you.

Getting your bathtub refinished could prove to be a very wise decision.  For more information, contact a tub refinishing contractor right away so you can learn more about the options available when you choose to have your tub refinished.

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