Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

How To Give An Effective Fall Cleaning To Your Pavers

Fall is a great time to clean the pavers that you use on your driveway and throughout your landscaping. By investing some time in cleaning your pavers this fall, you'll have a cleaner yard come next spring. Here are three different ways to clean your pavers, based on their particular cleaning needs.

Deep Cleaning

If you can't remember the last time that you cleaned your pavers, they are probably going to need a really good deep cleaning.

To start with, you are going to want to create a cleaning solution to use on your pavers. You can make an at-home solution by mixing one part white vinegar with five parts water. 

You are going to want to take this cleaning solution and pour it on a small area of your pavers at a time. You don't want to cover your entire paver with the solution all at once, as you are going to need to scrub each area on your patio after the cleaning solution has been able to soak into your pavers for a couple of minutes. After it soaks into your pavers, use a scrub brush to get all the ground-in dirt off of your pavers. When you are done scrubbing an area, rinse that area off with your hose, then repeat the process again on the next section of your pavers that you need to clean.

You should repeat this process on your pavers at least once a year to get rid of ground-in dirt.

Seasonal Cleaning

On a seasonal basis, all you need to do is rinse away the new dirt and debris that has accumulated on your pavers. To do this, you can use a push broom to remove all the loose dirt. Then, follow up your sweeping job with a nice once-over with a power washer. A power washer will remove any of the dirt that has become more attached to your pavers. As you use the power washer, start at the top section of your pavers and work your way across and down in a systematic manner to ensure that you clean your entire driveway or patio area.

Quick Clean

If you regularly perform a deep clean and a seasonal cleaning on your pavers, all you need to do on a monthly basis to keep your pavers looking nice is use a broom to sweep them clean every week or so, and on the alternate weeks, use the jet setting on your garden hose attachment to clean away any remaining dirt.

If you implement the three different cleaning levels outlined above this fall on your pavers, and keep this system up, your pavers will continue to look amazing for years to come. For more care tips, contact a company like Stephens & Smith Construction Inc.

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