Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Three Steps To Maintain Your Industrial Equipment

The industrial equipment that you operate within your warehouse is the greatest asset for your business. To protect those assets, you need to repair and maintain your equipment to the best of your ability. There are three important parts of maintaining industrial equipment that you should learn and learn well, so that your warehouse maintains high output with very little downtime. These three maintenance steps are listed below, so take heed to them and apply these maintenance tips regularly within your business.

Develop a solid preventative maintenance plan

The preventative maintenance program that you create will be the most important part of keeping your warehouse equipment up. It is better to focus on preventive maintenance instead of just fixing your equipment with repairs. Your preventative maintenance plan should consist of the following:

  1. Take great inventory of all of your equipment. In order to protect your assets, you must know your assets. Go point by point through every piece of equipment to know the condition, life expectancy, value and more.
  2. Assess the capability of your staff. Each piece of machinery comes with a level of difficulty. This requires your work staff to have varying levels of experience or capability to operate the machinery. Make training and certifications a priority for your business so that you are protecting your equipment.
  3. Uphold OSHA standards and document the use of your equipment. Doing this lets you not only maintain your equipment better, but have a proper protocol to respond to on-site accidents.
  4. Incorporate a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). These systems should be standard in any warehouse so that you have digital data on all maintenance logs for as long as your company is around.

Maintain your motors

Every major piece of industrial equipment has a motor that must be properly cared for. Consider some of the following attributes when maintaining your motors:

  • Assess operating temperatures, noise emitted and air intake regularly
  • Conduct frequent shutdowns of the motor so that you can clean and test it
  • Take vibration analysis records, tighten loose bolts and inspect your electrical wiring frequently

Keep all systems lubricated

Since too much friction can cause your equipment to overheat and malfunction, lubrication should be the most frequently checked attribute. Check your grease and oil levels and make sure that the oil is not excessively burning and decaying. Be sure that each and every moving part is greased and that you do not have any particles or contaminants inside of your industrial lubricants.

Follow these three tips to get all that you can out of your industrial equipment. Contact a service like E J Painting & Fiberglass for more help.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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