Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Vinyl Vs. Aluminum Siding: Which Is Best For Your Home?

If the time has come to get new siding for your home, you need to first narrow down your choice to the kind of material you want to use. Two very popular options with homeowners are vinyl and aluminum siding. With each material having its own pros and cons, here is the essential information you need to know in order to make a decision.


Vinyl and aluminum are both pretty durable. Not only are they water resistant, but you won't have to worry about damage caused by bugs over the years.

The downside to aluminum is that it can become dented much easier. It could be from something as simple as your kid hitting a baseball against the side of the house, or a heavy hail storm that comes through your part of town. The color of aluminum only covers the surface, so scratches could cause the aluminum underneath to start showing through. On the flip side, aluminum resists heat very well, and will give your home some added protection.

Vinyl siding's color is added during manufacturing, so the entire piece of siding has color throughout it. Scratches won't look as nasty, and the material will not fade quickly under the hot sun. Since vinyl has a bit of elasticity to it, it does not dent. The material is not impervious to damage though, because it can crack in very cold weather, and doesn't handle extreme heat very well either.


Vinyl and aluminum will be easy to care for over time. While you should never need to paint either material, painting is always an option if you are looking to change the color of it. Keep in mind that new paint will peel, leading to reapplication.

At most, all you should need to do is wash your siding to remove visible dirt buildup. You can also replace damaged panels as you go without affecting the rest of the siding.


Many homeowners like the appearance of vinyl siding because it can have a texture to it, making it look similar to wood. The color of vinyl should be lighter, because darker colors can hold heat and cause panels to potentially warp.

While aluminum was popular many years ago, it's understandable to worry about the material making a home feel dated. Since aluminum can handle the heat quite well, you can paint it any color you desire.

Once you have decided on the best material for your home, contact a siding contractor for a price estimate to have it installed.

For vinyl siding installation, contact a company such as Overcash Siding LLC.

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