Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Make A "Tree-Sure" Map Of Your Yard: Enlist The Help Of Your Local Tree Service To Avoid Fallen Timbers

Many homeowners' first contact with a tree service will happen after they suffer a tree emergency. Perhaps a diseased tree has fallen on their garage, or a storm has dumped heavy limbs in their yard. 

Had these property owners made long-term plans for their trees and contacted a tree service sooner, they may have completely avoided these damaging and costly emergencies.

Your tree service professionals are indispensable during emergencies, but they also prevent disasters from happening in 3 key ways:

Professionals know what works in your yard.

A local tree specialist knows the names of all of the trees in your yard, as well as which trees are less prone to damage from insects, your area's climate, and your yard's growing conditions. They will tell you the estimated life expectancy of each species and the height each specimen will reach at full maturity.

This information helps you create a master plan for your yard. By selectively planting or removing trees, you can arrange shady and sunny areas where you want them.

Knowing the limits of your trees also helps you avoid future property damage. You can arrange to have potential hazard trees—those likely to come down due to storms or other conditions—taken down before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your structures or yard.

Regular pruning and inspection of trees keeps them healthy.

A tree expert has the skills and experience to climb around your trees and note the condition of leaves, branches and trunks. They know how to identify and treat fungal, insect, and disease infestations.

Professional tree service technicians also know how to safely locate and trim stressed limbs. They can tell if a forked tree is showing signs of failure and they know how to help anchor it to keep it upright. They know exactly when to spray, prune, and graft fruit trees for maximum harvests.

Tree service experts help you choose the best trees to plant for the future.

If you want to redo your landscaping or add new trees, consulting a local tree professional should be your first step. They will pay a visit, assess your property, and help you come up with a planting map to maximize the site's growing potential while providing you the types of trees you'll enjoy.

For example, some towns forbid the planting of willow trees, as they are known to be "dry" trees at risk of toppling. They are also known to be invasive, often snaking their roots into septic and water lines and causing serious problems.

But what if you adore willow trees and want to plant a weeping form along a wet section of your property? In some cases, willows actually help dry up soggy areas without posing a risk to people or underground pipes. Your tree service expert (such as one from Jerry's Tree Service) will be able to tell you if your property can safely sustain the trees you have growing  today and the ones you want to plant in the future.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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