Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Fixing Your Car's Windshield Chip

Suddenly having something strike your vehicle while it's moving and causing a chip on your windshield is a sickening feeling. No one ever plans for something like this to happen, and it's understandable if you're feeling queasy at the thought of having to dish out some money for an auto glass repair job. That said, it is critical that you get your windshield chip fixed as soon as possible if you want to prevent an even more dangerous situation from happening.

A Windshield Chip May Lead to a Crack Without Any Warning

A windshield has already weakened your windshield, and now that same spot is suspectable to things that can make the problem even worse. If it's cold outside, having a warm temperature inside the vehicle while having a cold temperature hit the affected spot from the other side could be a recipe for disaster. Any sudden jarring, like that from a pothole, could also add extra pressure on the area. The last thing you want is to see your chip suddenly widen into a huge crack while you are driving.

Your Windshield Protects You in the Case of an Accident

Your windshield doesn't just keep the wind out of your face while you are driving. It's also a key part of the car that can protect you if you should get into an accident. It can keep you from being tossed out of your vehicle and it also helps keep the roof of the car in place if your vehicle should roll. If your windshield has been weakened by one or more chips, your next car accident could be a very dangerous situation. What if the windshield shatters completely when your body goes into it instead of stopping your momentum? 

Fixing A Chip Is Far Less Expensive Than The Alternative

A top reason why some car owners wait to fix a windshield chip is that they simply don't have the money or they don't think they need to spend the money right away on what they view as a minor problem. But if one of the above scenarios occurs and your windshield gets a crack in it or worse, you are going to paying out quite a bit of money to get a brand new windshield installed. Auto glass repair is significantly cheaper than auto glass replacement.

If you have a chip on your windshield, contact a local auto glass specialist like Allstate Glass immediately. Ignoring a windshield chip could lead to much bigger problems, potentially costing you even more money or putting you and your family in greater danger during a car accident.

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