Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

6 Reasons To Have Your Tree Assessed For Removal

Over time, that large tree in your yard that was once the focal point of your landscape can become structurally unsound. Instead of waiting for your tree to fall on its own, it's best to have it professionally removed. Here are a few signs that you should call a professional tree service contractor for inspection and possible removal:

Leaning Tree

If your tree has recently started to lean, it could be an indication that the roots of the tree are weakening or dying. Contact a professional to have the tree assessed. However, a progressive lean may eventually lead to the tree falling on its own, so don't delay.

Dying or Discolored Leaves

If the leaves of a tree appear to be diseased or dying, it could be a sign of a serious issue. Some tree diseases that cause leaf discoloration, such as severe fungal or bacterial infestations, may not be treatable and could require a tree to be removed. However, nutrient deficiencies can also cause the leaves of a tree to become discolored. A tree service technician can evaluate your tree and determine the cause of the color change so that you know your options. 

Trunk Damage

The trunk of a tree can be damaged by lightning, wind or insects. If cracks or hollow areas weaken the trunk, the tree could break at the weakened spot. Hollow areas of the trunk can be especially susceptible to a break.

Root Decay

If the roots of your tree are visible on the ground, you may notice damage or decay. Roots can become overcome by a fungal infection if they have been subjected to a large amount of moisture for a prolonged period. Once the roots of the tree are compromised, the tree could fall without warning.

Unusual Sprouting

If tiny sprouts suddenly start appearing from the trunk of your tree, you could have a problem. The sprouts sometimes occur as a result of stress. The tree needs to be evaluated to determine if the tree is still healthy enough to be left in place.

Dead Branches

If there are large dead branches on a tall tree, the tree or at least the problematic branches need to be removed. A strong wind or an ice storm could cause the branches to break and damage any underlying structures on your property.

Trees don't live forever. If you notice signs of damage or weakening as you inspect your trees, contact a tree service specialist like Smitty's Tree Service Inc immediately. The specialist can help protect your property and loved ones from being harmed by breaking branches or falling trees.

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