Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Adding A Luxurious Steam Shower To Your Bathroom

A home steam shower is a luxury. It allows you to conduct facials, deep condition your hair or just relax in clouds of hot steam. Adding essential oils to the steam generator also allows you to clear your sinuses or simply customize your experience. A steam shower in your home is actually a doable luxury that can upgrade your shower experience. This guide will help you plan to add a steam shower to your bathroom.

Appropriate Space

The first step in installing a home steam shower is selecting the space. The key is to have enough space to relax without necessitating excess water to create steam. Steam is economical, though, according to This Old House. Only two gallons of water are necessary for a standard stall. In any case, consider a standard stall size of four feet by eight feet or slightly larger.

Waterproofed Enclosure

Because steam from a generator sticks around longer than the vapor for a shower, it's necessary to waterproof the area. For instance, installers need to cover the wooden frame and backer board with sheets of plastic and seal any seams in the stall. It's also advisable to have the tiled ceiling sloped to avoid drips.

Custom Glass Walls

Naturally, steam showers are usually enclosed in glass. Typically homeowners opt for walls of glass that stretch from floor to ceiling. Rimless is preferred not only for aesthetic reasons but also because there are no metal fixtures to collect rust. Likewise, frameless glass enclosures create a seamless transition from outside the stall to inside. Either way, the custom glass walls have to be thoroughly sealed.

Transom Window

A practical detail to your custom glass enclosure is having a transom window installed above the door instead of stationary glass. A transom window hinges open but still seals when the steam shower is in use. Having a transom window installed affords you the ability to let vapor from a traditional shower escape. Likewise, opening the window is an alternative to keeping the door open when it's time to let the steam dissipate.

Tiled Seating

Whether you plan on indulging in a beauty routine, medical steam or simple relaxation time, seating is necessary. Have the contractors install a bench to one side in the shower. The bench should either be tiled in complementary colors to the rest of the stall or with the same tiles. Contractors can install the bench against a wall or freestanding, depending on your space requirements.

By following these tips, you can easily have the luxury of a soothing steam shower in your home. For more information, visit a glass company like Wildwood Glass Company Inc.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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