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Choosing The Best Compressors For Your Needs: Four Choices For Air Compressors

If you need a new compressor, there are many different types of compressors to choose from at places like Kruge-Air Inc. You can get a rotary screw compressor, reciprocating air compressors or even a centrifugal air compressor for industrial tasks. There are also single stage and two stage air compressors, which can be applied to reciprocating and rotary applications. Another type are centrifugal compressors. You may want to have a different compressor depending on power and pressure needs. Here are four choices you have when looking for an air compressor:

1. Rotary Air Compressors For Heavy Duty Needs

Rotary air compressors are efficient for high-pressure applications and can be powered by electricity or gas motors. If you need high pressure for things like heavy duty air tools, this is a great choice of compressors. They can be good for auto mechanics and concrete tools that use air.  This is not an ideal solution for you if you only have small pneumatic tools to use such as woodworking tools like nail guns.

2. Reciprocating Air Compressors For Light Pneumatic Tools

Reciprocating air compressors use a cylinder design to compress air. These are an ideal compressor for people that have light duty needs such as operating a nail gun for woodworking. This is also the type of compressor you may use if you need to have a compressor in a shop at home for DIY projects and repairs. If you need the compressor for professional use, you will want to have one with a higher capacity of air if you plan to use it with multiple tools.

3. High Pressure And Heavy Duty Work With A Centrifugal Compressor

A centrifugal compressor is a type of compressor that uses impellers to produce pressure. This creates a positive flow of air into a tank or other vessel. These types of compressors are used in special industrial applications, and for high pressure for heavy-duty tasks. This is something you may use for an application requiring high pressure and volume. It can be used on large construction projects and for industrial equipment.

4. Performance Options With Single And Two Stage Compressors

There are also options for single and two stage compressors. If you do not require exact pressure specifications, a single stage compressor is a good solution. The two-stage compressor will compress air in two stages. This will help to ensure a consistent pressure and airflow. The two-stage design is ideal of high-pressure uses and heavy-duty applications.

These are some of the choices you have for a new air compressor.  If you need help deciding on the best air compressor for your needs, contact a rotary air compressor dealer to get the best compressor for you.

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