Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

3 Places To Regularly Inspect On Your Roof

Many homeowners do not pay much attention to their roof until there is a problem. While the shingles are often protected under a warranty when having a roof installed, there are many other things that could go wrong. That is why you should regularly inspect these three places on your roof.

Installed Features

One way that water can get underneath a roof is due to a feature that has not been properly installed. This could be a satellite dish, skylight, or even solar panels. In these situations, it's important know that drilling holes directly into your home's roof to install these items might void the warranty on your shingles, as they are a common cause for roof leaks.

Check the mounting points of these features for damage, as an improper installation could be causing water to seep underneath the shingles.

Water Spouts and Gutters

Most roofs will have a gutter or water spout system that helps get rainwater as far away as possible from the foundation of your home. Seeing water draining from these systems is not enough to ensure that they are working properly. You will want to get up close and personal with your waterspouts and gutters.

Debris that is stuck inside them can cause water to get underneath the bottom shingles, which will slowly start rotting away at your roof. A gutter full of debris will also cause water to leak over the side of the gutter, allowing water to collect around the foundation of your home.

Chimneys & Exhaust Vents

While a fireplace can be a great way to keep your home warm in the winter, it can also lead to unforeseen roofing problems. If your chimney saw a lot of use during the winter, you should give the chimney an inspection after the weather starts to get warm again. The area where the chimney meets the roof can be an area where leaking can occur if the flashing has started to deteriorate. If you get an annual chimney sweep, they will inspect both inside and outside the chimney for potential problems.

You should also inspect any exhaust vents for the same reason. Pipes will have flashing around it to stop water from getting underneath the shingles. There is also potential that the cap on the exhaust has cracked, allowing water to get inside your home.

By keeping an eye on these three things, you will ensure that your roof is in great condition. 

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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