Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Eco-Friendly Living: Three Options For A "Green" Driveway

The driveway to your home is a very important part of your property. Not only does it provide aesthetic appeal, it also adds a lot of functionality. Like anything else in (or outside) your home, it is important to choose an option that fits your style and budget.

If you are a "green living" enthusiast that enjoys eco-friendly options, consider these three attractive driveway-paving options for your home:

1. Cellular Driveway Pavement

A cellular driveway system is a unique pavement option that is eco-friendly. It is made with concrete "cells" or open blocks that can be filled with a variety of materials. Topsoil, gravel, and grasses are the most common materials placed in the cells.

Like any paving system, the majority of the work lies in placing each block onto the ground. Once in place, the individual cells are filled with a material of your choosing: topsoil, natural stone, gravel, or grasses.

Although a cellular driveway system may sound weak, it is actually very strong and durable due to its design and the placement of the cells—or filled blocks. Once in place, the driveway can handle high-traffic and heavy vehicles.

2. Grass Reinforcement Systems

Similar to a cellular driveway, a grass reinforcement system uses reinforced or protected turf in "cells" to create a sustainable and durable driveway. The reinforced or protected turf is made from a thick geo-membrane, which grows the grass. Once in place, you cannot clearly see the driveway as it blends in with the surrounding grass.

The reinforced turf is laid over a bedding and sub-layer. Depending on the area where the driveway will be placed, the contractor may simply lay the pieces over the existing grass. After the turf is installed, the grass grows as normal grass—it even requires watering and mowing.

3. Gravel and Sand

Both gravel and sand are another eco-friendly option for your driveway. They are affordable, attractive, and provide adequate water damage. Even better, they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors so you are sure to find something that catches your eye.

Like grass reinforcement systems, gravel and sand are laid over a bedding a sub-layer. However, because they are loose, you may need to sweep the gravel or sand back into place. If you choose stone, consider a natural stone with a smooth edge for better water drainage—and safety for your tires.

If you don't want to sacrifice style or budget—or your green living attitude—consider these three "green" driveway paving options. Learn more about each option by contacting a paving company, like R Williams Paving LLC, in your area.

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