Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Add Character To Your Room By Stenciling The Ceiling

Are you looking for a way to disguise an imperfect ceiling? Maybe, you just want to add a little more character to your living space. One way to accomplish both of these things is by stenciling your ceiling. 

Step 1: Clean the Ceiling

Cleaning a ceiling can be challenging if it is textured. You really have no option other than using a cleaning rag and a bucket of water with cleaning detergent mixed in. If your ceiling has a smooth finish, you have the option of using a flat mop with a microfiber head cover on it.

Once the ceiling is clean, give it time to dry before continuing to step two.

Step 2: Apply a Base Coat

If your ceiling has not been painted recently or if you want to change the base color of the ceiling, you will need to apply a fresh coat of paint. When choosing the paint you are using, decide how much light you would like it to reflect. If you would like a lot of light to reflect off of it, use semi-gloss paint. If you prefer a dull finish,an eggshell finish paint will work well. Avoid using flat paint because it can be very difficult to keep clean.

Note: If your ceiling has many imperfections, opt for the eggshell finish paint. Choosing semi-gloss paint will only highlight the flaws in the ceiling.

Step 3: Create a Border

A border around the edges of the ceiling can help you hide the fact that the walls are not truly square and can help to draw the eye to the ceiling. Consider painting a border that is roughly a foot wide with a two-inch gap and then a one-inch secondary border around the interior border. This will end up looking like a thin border inside a thick border.

Step 4: Do the Stenciling

When purchasing or making the stencils for the project, consider how many you will need for each area. For example, if you are only stenciling the corners or border of the celining, how many stencils will it take to complete the job? Having enough tape to keep all of the stencils in one place will make the process go much faster.

Note: If there is a ceiling fan in the room, consider stenciling the ceiling fan blades with the same stencil as you used on the ceiling. This will tie the entire room together.

When you are done painting your ceiling, you will have created a unique look that is charming. If you are unable to complete a project like this on your own, talk to a local painting contractor, like B & P Painting Inc, and they will help you out.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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