Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Home Temperature Regulation: Why You Need Good Windows & Wall Insulation

A home that is not well insulated can have a big effect on your finances because energy costs will be higher than they could be. The best way to keep the temperature in your home under control is to invest in good windows and insulation for the cavities of the wall. Discover why quality windows and wall insulation is important when it comes to temperature regulation in a house.

Why are Quality Windows Good for Home Temperature Regulation?

Your windows automatically contribute to at least 25% of your heating bill. However, air can come through the windows more easily when they are damaged or not energy efficient. It is important to invest in windows with a low U-factor if you want to regulate the amount of heat leaving out of your home or coming in from the sun shining on the glass.

There are many options for home windows that you can choose from to keep the temperature regulated in your home. One of the options is windows that have two panes of glass for extra protection against air seeping through the glass. Another option would be to get windows that have argon gas between the panes. Argon gas is actually the most ideal because air will have a hard time getting through the gas because it is highly dense.  Make sure the walls are insulated along with the windows for greater results.

How Can Wall Insulation Help with Temperature Regulation?

If the wall cavities in your home are empty, you will experience air leaving out when you have the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system running. The temperature in your home will also be effected depending on how hot or cold it is outside. You can invest in closed-cell spray foam insulation to achieve good insulation for the walls, as it can spread into the tightest spaces and is dense.

Spray foam insulation can also be installed without your walls having to be opened to big. A small hole is all that is needed for a professional to place the foam in the walls. You may have to spend up to $3,500 per 1,000 feet for spray foam insulation to get installed.

If you have the right kind of windows and good insulation in the walls, your energy costs should decrease to an exceptional amount. Contact a home insulation specialist, like R & K Windows, so he or she can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without having to run the HVAC system a lot!

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