Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

How Are Exterior Drain Tiles Installed?

If you are looking for a highly effective way to protect your home's foundation, installing exterior drain tiles can be extremely helpful. If you are thinking about hiring a contractor to install drain tiles for you, however, you could be a little bit curious about the process. Most contractors install exterior drain tiles the same way, so you can expect these steps to be taken at your home if you opt to have them installed.

A Trench is Dug

The first step to installing exterior drain tiles is to dig a trench around the home. It has to be dug all the way to the footings of the home's foundation, so you can expect for it to take up a little bit of space during the process. However, it shouldn't take long for the contractor to finish the project.

A Bed of Gravel is Laid

Once the trench has been completed, washed gravel will be laid in the very bottom of it. It is provided as a foundation for the drainage system. Once the drainage system is put into place, more gravel will also be laid on top.

A Drainage Pipe is Put In

On top of the first layer of gravel, a drainage pipe—typically made of PVC pipe—is installed. The pipe is installed completely around the house and is designed to dump the water directly into the home's sump basin. It is also wrapped by a protective fabric that is used for filtration purposes.

Basement Waterproofing Material is Installed

A good waterproofing contractor will take this opportunity to install a basement waterproofing material. There are a few different options for you to choose from, but a good contractor will probably encourage you to install waterproofing membrane. A membrane can be a little bit costly, but it can function very well at keeping water out of your basement. Plus, you'll save a lot by preventing damage to your home, and you can cut costs on future labor by having the job done while a trench has already been built around your home.

Drain Tile is Installed

Once the washed gravel has been laid back on top of the piping and waterproof membrane, drain tiles will be installed on top. This is to provide stability for the drainage system.

The process might seem confusing, but a good contractor who specializes in waterproofing can get it done in no time. If you want to protect your basement from flooding and help prevent foundation damage to your home, give a contractor (such as those found through a call to get a price quote.

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