Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Roof Issues You May Not Know About

Some roof problems are not as obvious as others. While you may know to look out for missing shingles or a sagging gutter, there are other signs of roof trouble that you should be aware of. Noticing potential problems early, and addressing them, is the best way avoid needing a new roof installation.

Not-So-Obvious Roof Issues

Moss Growth

Moss can be quite beautiful, especially when it is lush and green, right after a rain. But moss growing on your roof – while it may look quaint – is not something you want. It will slowly push up your shingles, disrupting the design of the roof and allowing water penetration where it shouldn't. Moss tends to grow when there is shade on the roof, combined with falling organic materials for it to feed on. Sometimes eliminating these elements is the best way to prevent growth. That, or using moss remover periodically.

Insufficient Drip Edge

Modern roofs should have a piece of metal protruding from under the shingles, out past the edge of the roof. This drip edge allows water to shed off of the building, either into the gutters or down to the ground. Without this edge, the water can roll back under the roof, seeping in between the shingles and causing rot in the wood. Unfortunately, not every roof installer is careful in placing the drip edge. Some home owners actually choose to install the roof themselves, and forgot this vital part. They may then sell the house to you, claiming you have a "new" roof.

Lack Of Eaves

There is an unfortunate trend of homes in rainy climates without eaves. Why this is the case is up to debate, but it does not change the fact that the lack of eaves causes water to shed down the side of your house. This water will wear at your siding over time, causing paint to peel and wood to warp. It may be impractical to install eaves all around the house right now, but keep this need in mind when you have the roof replaced. It will greatly increase the life of your siding.

Get a Second Opinion

You may have looked  your roof and not seen any obvious signs of degradation. If this is they case, it may still be worth your while to call in a roofing repair specialist like those from A-1 Roofing & Siding for a second opinion. He or she will spot any issues, and provide you solutions to those issues promptly.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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