Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

Learn How To Paint Your Floors To Make Your Kids Think Santa Came To Visit

Creating a unique and creative look for the holidays can often be difficult because there are so many run-of-the-mill decorations on the market. If you want to have a truly unique look for the holidays, consider making your own custom decorations to use in your house. One of the easiest decorations you can make is footprints on your hardwood floors. Below is a guide to create footprints going from the fireplace to the tree to make your children think that Santa paid your house a visit during the night.

Create the Washable Paint

Mix six tablespoons of white sugar, one teaspoon of salt, 1 cup of cornstarch, and four cups of water together in a bowl. The mixture will be thick like wall paint. Add black food coloring to the paint and mix it together again. You can then pour the paint into a paint pan or even a large casserole dish. The pan you use needs to be large enough to dip the sole of your boot into to get paint on the soles.

Determine Footprint Placement

In order for the footprints to be as believable as possible, they need to be properly spaced. Stand in front of the fireplace and make a mark with a washable marker. Take a step with your left foot and make a mark where your foot is placed. Take another step and make a mark where your right foot is positioned. Repeat the process until you reach the tree and have made all of the necessary marks.

Make the Footprints

Dip the sole of your right boot in the paint and then carefully press it against the first mark you made closest to the fireplace. Dip the boot sole in the paint again and make another footprint on the next right foot mark you made. Repeat the process with the left boot to finish off the series of footprints.

When the holidays are over, you can easily clean up the footprints with soap and water. This method can be used to decorate for Halloween by creating red footprints on the floor that will look like bloody footprints. Once you wash the footprints from the floor, no one will be able to tell that they were even there, but you will be able to create a unique look in your home any time you want. You can change the color of the paint by simply adding a different color of food coloring.

If you have questions about whether this would work on your wood, laminate, or other flooring, contact a local flooring expert such as Stafford's Discount Carpets or others for more information.

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Don't Let Your Basement Become Wasted Space

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