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Asphalt Roof Maintenance: How To Protect Your Roof From Tree Damage

You can prolong the life of your asphalt roof by taking care of it properly. One of the things you need to deal with is any large tree that grows close to your house. Trees can do a lot of damage to your roofing if they are left to grow wild. They are especially harmful to asphalt roofs because the branches can lift up the shingles when the wind blows them against the roof. Here's what you need to know to protect your asphalt roof from tree damage.

Remove Damaged Limbs So They Don't Crash On The Roof

It's important to keep diseased and dead limbs trimmed. If you don't, a strong wind could blow the damaged limb onto your roof. Plus, damaged limbs can affect the overall health of the tree. If the tree becomes weak, it could topple in very heavy rain and wind.

Trim Lower Limbs To Prevent Scraping

Remove lower limbs, so they are well away from your roof. Remember, when the tree is coated in snow and ice, the branches could bend down quite a bit. Also, be sure to allow for plenty of room for the branches to sway in the wind and not scrape your roof.

Keeping the lower limbs well above your roof also makes it harder for pests such as rats and carpenter ants to crawl up the tree and get on the roof. Pests can do a lot of damage to your roof, and once they chew through the decking, they can get inside your attic and tear it up too.

Thin Out Branches So More Sun Can Shine Through

If the foliage is very thick on your trees, you may want to remove some of the inner branches so more sunlight can reach your roof. While the shade keeps your home cooler in the summer, it can also promote the growth of algae on your roof. The algae causes black spots that can make your roof look unsightly from the street.

Instead of thinning the branches, you could just plan on scrubbing the algae and mildew off your roof every few years. If you don't want to climb on your roof to do this, you can hire a roof cleaning company like Classic Remodeling Corporation to do it for you.

Remove Leaves From Gutters And Valleys

If you have one or more trees that hang over your house, you'll need to clear the leaves off your roof and out of your gutters at least once per year. Leaves hold onto moisture, so it is important to get the wet clumps out of the valleys of your roof so the shingles can dry out.

Clearing leaves from the gutters is important too because if you don't remove them, water won't drain properly. Water could even be forced under the shingles and cause the deck of your roof to rot.

Mature trees cause more work when it comes to maintaining your roof, but the effort is worth it. All the work allows you to co-exist with beautiful trees that add to the curb appeal of your property.

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